Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Origins: Dressing Up

"Why are you dressed up" and "what's with that weirdo" are two phrases mine ears have come to hear frequently. So, I figured I may as well talk about them....rather than doing the homework I ought to right now. As a young child, I used to always put on makeup and dress up with my cousins when we were bored at grandma's house. But that really has nothing to do with my wardrobe or state of mind these days. It truly started out in 7th grade at Centennial. I have never really believed in the fashion industry at all. I think it's stupid that people try and be in style, specially since they spend tons of money doing it. It just seems really self conscious and insecure (though maybe I'm wrong). Anyways, I saw a lot of richy rich kids at centennial wearing $100 designer jeans and ridiculous stuff like that. I also witnessed quite a few less fortunate kids being made fun of for what they wore or what they didn't. So I decided it would be really really entertaining to dress up crazy to make fun of people that care so much about fashion. To say Screw you to the whole fashion and social clique thing. Turns out I was right. The problem was back then I didn't have as much freedom in what I could wear (nor was I as daring then). However, I quickly became famous for my orange pants (a different pair than I have now) as well as some old teal ones I had. I also would dress up sometimes so that I would be wearing no two colors alike. For example: green shirt, blue pants, one white sock, one black, one purple shoe and one orange. People  would give me the strangest of looks and tell me that my shoes weren't matching. and I'd reply "What! Really? oh crap! sorry, I'm colorblind." Just like freak out and make a big scene. Good times, Good times. I'd wear leather jackets and crocks sometimes, just stuff like that. 

Skip forward to my Walden years. At walden, I quickly came to realize I could wear whatever the heck I wanted when I wanted and the administration wouldn't care. That's when It really began. It's so funny to me that people still ask me "why are you dressed up" guy, you should know by now: I just feel like it. Which is true too. I wake up in the morning, walk over to my arsenal of clothes and say "I want to wear that, and that, and that" so I do it. Last year, I went to D.I. to get some more whacky clothes for my wardrobe. That's when I found the Pink Turtleneck sweater I have. I immediately purchased it for the sake of making fun of guys that wear those ugly sweater vests and just sweaters in general. Little did I know at the time it was actually a women's sweater, but that sure doesn't bother me!

Now it's time for some of my favorite costume highlights: 
  • First day of school last year, I wore the white tux. (the main picture on my blog is actually from that day)
  • Just after I  shaved my head, my Grandparents came home from their mission and we went to meet them at the airport, so I wore the pink sweater, my round glasses, and the long blond curly wig. Airport security was giving me all kinds of looks. Fortunately that was a sunday, so I wore it to church right after....they had no idea what to think!
  • Then of course there are the few dresses I've worn to school, often with that same wig.
  • Let's not forget that huge long dress coat thing I have, the one that goes to my shins and weighs 10,000 pounds.
  • Of course there was that time when I walked across all of provo in my newly purchased Pink Pants and long fluffy shirt. got some really great looks with that one.
  • And my most recent: Wearing my Kilt yesterday (had to top last years first day of school)
And you all thought I just dressed up for fun. Nope, though it's part of it. I do it to: make fun of fashion, satisfy my crazy impulses, sometimes throw people out of their comfort zone, challenge gender stereotypes, be a bit of an attention whore, and cause it entertains me.

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