Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Growing up is Gross. It feels like the fun in life is gone or at leas diminished. Graduation feels like the death date on my tombstone. I don't know why I'm so unexcited about it though. to some degree though I figure it'll be hard to beat Walden. I've had such good times there. But in not too long I'm going to have to worry about college, then eventually getting married, selling my soul to work, potentially raising a family and all that other ridiculous stuff. and of all that stuff, the only bit that sounds fun is getting married. But then it seems like the fun of romance will lessen once you have to worry about children (guess I'll find out?). Feels like life has gone too fast, that I haven't had time to enjoy enough of it. Though I think I grew up too fast too. When I was a child, I always preferred to sit around and listen to the adults talk rather than to go play on the trampoline or whatever. I'm going to be an old man at 30! One of those wise old guys that sits on his porch all day trying to decipher the universe. nahh, I sure hope not! The question is how do I stay young and lively all my days? Heck, I hardly even know what I enjoy doing! sometimes you just have to think "It'd be nice just to die, then I wouldn't have to worry about all that business". But don't worry, I'm not suicidal. I just think about the future way too much. I've decided this school year though to just party and not worry about it (least not too much). I have to say, that Peter Pan fellow had it figured out!


  1. Dude, it does not! At least half the couples I know are still mad crazy in love, and still have fun.
    Also. I kind of think that Peter Pan qualifies as a pedophile, 'cause he's already old when Wendi's like "Ah, you confuse signs of affection with small household items. I for some reason think this is adorable!"

  2. mad crazy in love I'm not worried about. and I'll still try and have as much fun as is aloud (such as going on tons of adventures round the world) but its harder to get away when you have kids. trust me. I have three myself. As for Peter Pan...I hadn't thought of that