Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Many an Anniversary

Today marks my first year anniversary of driving. It's been a pretty good one. Still alive. No accidents, or tickets (knocks on wood). But lets talk about some of the crazy things I've seen! These are things you most likely should not do while driving: put on makeup, eat cereal, text, make out, have a lap dog thats far too big for your lap, take pictures, and smoke pot. Yep I've seen people doing all of those things in this past year whilst they and I were driving. Just random strangers and their daily routines. But enough of that, on to bigger things.

Today August the 10th also marks the 43rd birthday of the  Bearded wonder aka my father. We kicked off the day by smuggling captive children down the wild and raging rapids of Provo River. Alright Alright, so they were actually my siblings not captives, and you probably can't even call those little bumps on the Provo river rapids, but Hey, I can dream right? The rafting was mostly uneventful. Meaning nothing dramatic or exciting really happened. The Children loved it though. From there we rushed home, change, ate lunch, and ran off to see the Final Harry Potter movie. It was more epic than I imagined it would be. I thought they actually did a pretty good job (then again it's been like 4 years since I read the book). From their the Birthday man and I ventured out to conquer the golf course. Surprisingly the course was not teeming with wealthy stuffy old men and their polo shirts. So we took our time. It was fun. We've both had better days though. Back to home is where we went next. Ate Pizza, opened presents and here I am. It's been a day of many adventures

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