Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Peculiar Conversations

Let me tell you a tale. A truthful one mind you. It goes like this: 
once upon a time I became engaged (at least according to Facebook). To a fine young woman. one whom I have sadly not seen since 6th grade. So obviously I'm just as single as ever. Anyways, She was a good friend of mine growing up all throughout elementary. Alright alright, so "good friend" is partially a cover up for a romantic interest, Though we also were good friends.  But that is not the point either, so continuing on. I chatted with her the other night via the interwebs. We planned out our wedding, colors, date, honeymoon, all that fun stuff. It was actually a really entertaining conversation  and kind of cute. But during it, all of a sudden it hit me "wait a minute! I could be doing this for reals in the next few years!" It was super super strange. Then I thought about it some more. "how strange would it be if I actually did get married to her". That would be ridiculously crazy and oh so hilarious. But at this point, I highly doubt that. I mean we haven't even seen each other in like seven years. guess we'll just have to wait and see. So there you have it, a random little secret story from my life.

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