Sunday, September 4, 2011

One Heck of an Adventure

I came home from School Friday, did some stuff that I don't remember. Anyways, a few hours after being home I discovered my father was going with his brothers to Spokane, Washington in order to help my uncle and his family move to Provo. Some of the brothers had gone up the day before and brought a load of stuff down...but apparently they had more stuff than anyone expected, so it was decided to make another last minute trip back up there. I was told all that about three hours before we were to leave, and I decided heck yeah I want to go! I'd gone a few years earlier to visit my cousins up there, so I was well aware of the awful drive. But being the compulsive person that I am from time to time I said "well I've got nothing better to do, this will be an adventure!"

My Uncle Joseph, my Father, my uncle Justin and his daughter Mckenzie (the ones that were moving) and I all met up about 6:30. We hopped in the truck that had been borrowed from some of our other relatives and drove off. the truck was pulling a large stock trailer (for transporting animals). We hurtled across the wastelands of Idaho and on into Montana, telling stories and trying to sleep. The plan was to make it to Spokane by 7:00 a.m.  Somewhere in Montana at 2 a.m. we pulled over, my dad and I decided to give sleeping in the trailer a try. So we crawled up into the top part where there was a mattress. It was pretty bloody cold outside but not too bad in the trailer. It took about 5 seconds of riding in the trailer to realize "this thing doesn't have any bloody shocks!" every little bump would shake and rattle the trailer. It was quite apparent that we would get no sleep whatsoever in there. It felt like being in a bomb shelter during world war 2. Loud noises, the whole thing shaking, bouncing and rattling, sounded like machine guns being fired and all kinds of craziness. We soon transferred back to the truck. Joseph who had been driving climbed in the trailer to sleep and we continued on. Around 6 a.m. we pulled over in Couer D'Alene Idaho to refuel. we found Joseph wrapped up in a rug in the back of the trailer...pretty funny.
finally we rolled into their driveway exactly on time. The kids were just waking up. I walked in and said happy birthday to my cousin Brady (it was his birthday). He was pretty surprised, didn't know I was coming. I said "yeah I came just to wish you happy birthday". Justin and my dad went to sleep for an hour, I just messed around with the kids. Then we started packing up the trailer with the help of some people from their ward. Bout eleven o' clock we were ready to hit the road. but one of the cars wouldn't start. So Justin pulled the other car around to jump it...some how the cat that was in a cage in the back seat, managed to get out and was run over.  It was really really gross watching it flop around as it bled to death, but there was nothing we could do. Everyone was really sad. Awful way to start a trip. But we had to carry on. So the three vehicles rolled out. I was with Kenzie, her friend Joy and little Ella in the Jetta. not 30 min. down the freeway, one of the trailers started fish tailing. It was super super scary to watch...think I had a heart attack or five. It wasn't the stock trailer, but another one. So we drove right back to the house, unloaded that trailer and shoved as much of it as we could in the stock trailer. then we left the messed up trailer, surprised that it hadn't rolled the car, and started the trip all over. At one point we stopped to get gas and a few glass bottles rolled out of a car and broke. Just another great thing to add to the list. at a different gas station later down the road, Kenzie scraped the front of the car on a concrete post. Complete accident, but super fortunate that it didn't really do anything cept mess up the paint.

We ate dinner in Dillon Montana at roughly 7:00 p.m. and that was the halfway mark for out trip...6 hours left to go. Somewhere around Malad Idaho at 1 a.m. the truck decided to die. Fortunately we got it started again and didn't have any problems. At last we reached Orem at 3:00 a.m. Drove to a storage unit and unloaded the trailer while we were all slap happy. Then we had to drive over to their house in Provo to unload a few more things. My Uncle Tim and Jess were taking the trailer as soon as we were done with it back to Lava, Idaho to our relatives. So at 6:15 a.m. I walked into my house and went to bed. 36 hours and 1,534 miles later I was home. Dead exhausted. I'd only slept a total collective of 4 hours during that 36. So today I slept til noon 30 then got up and went to my uncle's church. Brady was ordained at teacher. Now I'm just writing, wondering why on earth I'm not asleep seeing as I've only slept 10 hours in the last 72. Quite a crazy trip!

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