Friday, September 23, 2011

Timp Lodge 2011

Here we go. Timp Lodge 2011 through my eyes.
Truth be told, this was the most boring Timp Lodge I've been to yet. The first day went well. Walked around the woods a little bit with various company. The usual stuff you know. But there just wasn't the energy this year that Timp Lodge usually has. I did a sculpting workshop that didn't really amount to much, and for the seconds workshop, Dallas and I worked on our songs for the talent show that night. Yes, we finally put some official lyrics to the Girlfriend Song. The talent show was great. I really had fun performing our songs. Also, I read a poem that I wrote about the Walden Walkabout. That was good. I very rarely write poetry and that was the first time I ever read one in front of anyone. I'm glad I did it, Cause I almost decided not to. But then I decided there was really no reason not to so I said "what the heck! I'm doin it!". Hopefully it earned me some points with the ladies, but who knows. After the talent show I headed up to the fire where everyone was hanging out, cuddled with some ladies to keep them warm. Then it was off to bed where very little sleeping was done. Colman almost killed a few kids but he didn't so I suppose thats good.
The second day was pretty much as uneventful. Walked in the woods some more, layed out in the field for a few hours with friends. Put some of Holly's lipstick on. Which caused a rumor that we made out and did other kinky stuff. but I can assure you it's just a rumor. I hosted a music party in the guys drom, it was pretty entertaining! Then some crazy drama started to emerge, which found Dallas and I walking through the woods talking in our classy british accents. Then we had to go wash dishes and continued to talk in our accents and be more or less ridiculous. It was not long after that that the traditional Timp Lodge dance began. It was pretty much as wild as ever. Lot's of craziness ensued. Good times. I danced so long and wild that by the end of the dance, my whole body was sore like jumping out of a moving car at 40mph and I felt sick. So it was off to bed again. This time I put in my ipod and just went straight to sleep.
In the morning, someone came to wake us up to start cleaning and get packed. Though I was already awake. I then proceeded to plug my Ipod into my amp and play The Jimi Hendrix version of The Star Spangled Banner. That woke everyone up pretty quickly! It was great! Probably 3/4 of the guys at Walden are pissed at me now, but hey, it was one of the highlights of my trip. This day consisted of just cleaning everything up and going home. the cleaning wasn't too bad, I mean I got to do the vacuum dance with a few of my lovely lady friends. 

So yeah, that pretty much wraps it up. My last Timp Lodge. Over all pretty good times. Never had a TLH but hey whatever. Maybe I'll make a surprise attack visit next year.

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