Saturday, July 2, 2011

some Summertime Hooliganry

Yesterday marked the first day of July as well as the first time I hung out with Dallas and Jairen this summer. Good times. We traipsed all around Downtown Provo. Jairen got a haircut from Andrew, we ate a two foot long sandwich, walked up and down Center Street like 6 or more times. took some crazy pictures, watched some crazy people. Watched people watching us crazy people. visited pawn shops. Frightened the locals, Scarred children. Went to Dragons Keep, tried to get a ride back to Dallas's. no one would give us one, so we walked across half the city. From Center Street to Centennial before getting a ride to his house. Got more strange looks. Watched a documentary about Simon and Garfunkel. Formed the three musketeers patrol. Picked up some meds, drove to the mall and listened to music while we waited for Jairen's bus to come. Watched prostitutes get picked up. Oh and let's not forget my latest addition to my wardrobe

Which explains all the Scarring and strange looks. But hey, When Taylor Maid has a sale on strange clothes/costumes, you just gotta go with the pink pants and shiny dress/shirt thing.
all In all, It was quite the day!

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