Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Life I live

I'm in a writing mood again. So I figured I'd give you a glimpse into my everyday summer life. Girl troubles have vanished. well most of them. For once in a long long time I can honestly say I'm not even a little bit in love with anyone. Well not in a romantic way. Anyways I'll now tell you about the last few days since they are a pretty good summary of the summer. The last three mornings I've woken up and had pie for breakfast (which usually doesn't happen sadly) then most of the time I start on painting. Thats what I do for the vast majority of the day now except when I occasionally go golfing. Other than painting I go to work or church or watch a movie. Yep. this is the life I live. It's a pretty good one. Never have any idea what day it is, or the time, I just do my thing. I've begun to realize the slow descent into madness that many artists have. Never seeing friends hardly, just painting all day I can't really explain it but it is maddening. Yesterday My Grandmother came over while I was finishing up a piece. She was freaking out about how creative and patient I am blah blah blah, she seemed impressed with the painting. Which surprises me, cause It's very modern and she seems to like more classical art or at least nature scenes rather than a bunch of shapes. She was going on about how I need a studio and to put stuff in galleries. Oh man how I wish I had a studio! I'd invite people over to come paint with me and chill. No little children I'd have to worry about or anything. Too bad I don't have any $$ to rent one or something. But I'll have to figure out something soon cause my room is literally filling up with canvases. Slowly going to be suffocated! Help me!!

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