Saturday, July 16, 2011

An Old Man Gets A Little Older

yesterday was me 17th birthday. I'm old and decrepit. The day started out waking up early and listening to Eric Clapton songs about cocaine. just cause why not, and its a good song. then I ate some cinnamon pull apart things for breakfast. Off to Golf lessons at 9. returned home and that's where my memory went blank. not really sure what I did for the next two or three hours. But it must have been awesome cause my clothes disappeared. (but in truth, I just listened to music and stayed clothed). Then My father and I headed back to the golf course to play 9 holes. That was my first game. Let's just say I thought we were playing pinball. I pretty much managed to hit every bloody tree on the course. guess you'll have to start calling me tree slayer. But it was fun nonetheless. Got a lot of great looks...In my Orange pants and Jamaican cap. though I wasn't as classy as the polygamist father. with his huge beard and some weird hat. After that adventure was completed we set out to gather a few necessities for light painting that night. namely steel wool. Back home for Pizza, and Pie for dessert. The Grandparents all came over for pie, we did presents and all that jazz. My grandparents gave me a bagpipe chanter, so that ought to be fun! I'm turning more into a Scotsman everyday. Golfing, Kilt obsessing and soon bag piping. After that was done I set out gathering my light  painting gear for the nights festivities. Met up with some fine people at Walden. Good 'Ol Genevieve even made a cake for me! Oh it was mighty tasty! then the Squatch appeared so we headed up the canyon to party. Busted out the camera and lights. Good times Unfortunately Shannen and Jairen couldn't join us, but at least Taylor, Dallas and Genny could. I had a great time. Think they did too. I wanted to take more people, but with light painting it isn't very fun when tons of people are just kicking around. Get's boring cause you have to sit and wait your turn. But hey, If you want to go with me sometime, let me know we'll plan something. From there I headed for bed at 1:30.

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