Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Round 2 of my Theatering Career

I was summoned to attend a Meeting yesterday about the Shakespeare Competition. Our school is going to enter it this year. The meeting was just a general thing about the competition and looking over a few possible scenes we could do. Gwen was talking to Karl asking him if he wanted to do a part where he was hopelessly in love with a girl. I was Like "Pick me! I'll do it!" She was like "Actually I think you could do it pretty good". So I got a script to read over. The scene is from As You Like It. This guy Silvius is madly in love with Phebe. All he cares about is her, but she Doesn't like him. I figured it sounds like the story of my life! I think it's bloody Hilarious! Won't even have to act :)  I hope to do it as a trio with T(Kim) as Phebe, and someone else as Rosalind. I'm super super excited about it. Absolutely love the scene! I also will probably do a Monologue. Decided I wanted to do a really crazy, energetic one where the character is crazy with rage. so I've been looking around and found a great one from one of my favorite Shakespeare plays: Titus Andronicus. I was reading it and freaking out, shaking with excitement. I was like "looks like this is probably the one!"  so I've read over each of those a few times today, and now I can hardly type I'm so excited, been shaking, spazzing out, occasionally dancing around my room basically having a seizure. This has been going on for about three hours now. It's completely terrifying really.

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  1. Congratulations Morgan! That's pretty exciting!