Monday, July 11, 2011

The name's Bosch, Hieronymous Bosch

What would it be like to be one of the Rockstars of art? I think it'd be pretty fun. I have to say I highly admire Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, Vincent Van Gogh, Hieronymous Bosch and quite a few others. Eccentrics of art! maniacs all doing their own thing. Warhol would throw the craziest parties ever with all kinds of loons! Pollock would dance around throwing paint everywhere! Bosch would paint crazy ahead of his time dark paintings with strange creatures eating people, and Freakin Van Gogh cut off his bloody ear and sent it to a Prostitute he was in love with! now that's crazy! the life of painting would be nice, you wouldn't have to sit in a desk ever. just go paint something when you feel like it then sell if for a few grand. and then I could further collect outfits for my whacked out wardrobe. no one would mind me wearing them, not that they necessarily do now. I just need to figure out how to do it! whether you like his work or not, Jackson Pollock was a genius! splattering paint around on a canvas and selling it to art snobs all over the world for ridiculous prices. In fact the most expensive piece of artwork that's been sold thus far is one of his pieces for $138,000,000. that was long after his death though andcertainly there are more expensive paintings, like the Mona Lisa, they just haven't been sold.

Thinking back, It's really strange that I randomly just started painting this year. I mean I've never really done any before. Far as I can remember, I just picked up a brush and paint one day and decided to paint. It's been really fun thus far. I enjoy it. Problem is canvasses are starting to take over my room! I need to figure out how to start selling them. I mean Jean-Michel Basquiat  was a famous painter at like 19. He became best friends with Warhol, and even dated Madonna. I think I'm going to start oil painting today, that should be interesting! I finally did get around to putting up some  pictures of my more recent art projects on my art blog.  if you're interested. some day I hope to be a well known eccentric artist.

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