Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Week of Misfortune?

Girl troubles. All of them at once. Now that I've caught your attention, it's story time. Last friday, I discovered that this girl I like is moving...but I didn't hear it from her. So for the first time, the song Heard it Through the Grapevine by CCR was applicable to my life. Though she did not personally tell me until this Tuesday that she would be moving. Moving moving moving away. That very same day (tuesday) I discovered that she was asked out by another guy. Thus making her not single anymore. I kind of saw it coming though. I was beat to the punch line. Though I'm not sure if I would have asked her out. but given another week or so, It's more than likely I would have. 
Which brings us to round two. Wednesday I was talking to my friend about this girl he may like. He and her have been flirting it up a bit recently. uhh nevermind. I'm going to end that story there. For both their sakes. Anyways, Wednesday afternoon I was pulled aside by this other lovely lady I like and we had a little chat. Possibly the most confusing conversation I've ever had. Learned many interesting things from it though. What I think she was getting at is: let's just be friends. I have to say, I truly admire her for having the guts to do it! I mean that's pretty hard to go up to someone and tell them how it is, especially if you are friends and don't want to hurt them. I think it was probably pretty awkward for her too. But for me personally, it wasn't. Cause there are very few situations that I find awkward (but that's a whole other story I shan't tell). But now I think we're headed in the direction of one of those awful stages where we don't talk to eachother, cause I'm supposed to be heart broken, and she feels bad. I really really hate that stage. It seems to ruin a friendship like no other. Least from my experiences with it. and I don't want that at all. AT ALL! 
Now for the last part. yeah, yeah, I know I should be super sad and probably crying my eyes out right now. With two broken hearts. But the truth is, neither of these experiences have made me even a tiny bit sad, mad, depressed, or any of that. and I'm not going to drive any cars off a cliff because of it. (though I'd maybe drive one off, but just for an adrenaline rush, and to say I did). The thing is, normally this kind of situation would make me crazy depressed. But if anything, It's put me in an ever better mood. I'm not kidding. This is 100% straight cold truth. Legitimately the strangest phenomena I've ever experienced in my life. Let's just say prayers are answered in the most peculiar of ways sometimes. Now it's time to make sure that whole awkward avoiding stage thing gets kicked in the face. So I'm going to try my hardest! I suppose I don't have much good luck with the ladies, but someday I'll find the one. And when I do, I'll marry her.

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