Wednesday, December 14, 2011

They Know Where to Find Me

I think I've paid my dues. Spent enough time chasing girls. Now I'm going to retire for a while. As my dad always used to say "Girls are nothing but trouble". I'm finally starting to believe him a little. Oh well, whatever. I regret nothing about all my romantic days. They'll come again. I think one of the problems is: a lot of women probably can't handle me. Meaning, I'm too crazy, with my whacky costumes, spur of the moment ideas and such. Also, I'm super open and honest about my life. I feel like that kind of scares the ladies away. and the fact that 97% of the time I could care less what people think of me factors into all of that too, cause I pretty much just do what I want. And maybe I'm completely mistaken, but it seems like all that tends to add up. But hey, That's who I am. And I'm not about to change that for any silly girls. Truth be told, I'm still completely mystified/confused/shocked over how my last two would be heartbreaking experiences have had no effect on me at all. It freaks me out. So yeah, I'm going to take a break for a while, quit worrying about all that stuff and just live life. I figure if the ladies are interested, they know where to find me....I think?

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