Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I got to the Quarry tonight for work. I walked in the door and was sent to go get 50 $1 bills. so I rushed to the bank near BYU stadium (cause everywhere else closer didn't have enough ones). I walked in and said to the guy "can I get 50 ones?" he just stared at me for a second then asked "50 ones?" I said yep and pulled 2 $20 bills and a $10 out of my pocket. he said "I think we can do that". then he walked off. he returned with 50 ones and counted them out for me and asked if i wanted an envelope, so I said yes. then he gave me an envelope that was barely big enough to fit all the money in. so I was stuffing it in and finally left. I drove back to the Quarry and got out of my car. I was walking to the doors and slipped on some black ice. for some reason I put my hand down and I totally ended up doing a hand stand! the best is that some lady was sitting right there in her car and had to have seen it happen. I didn't look at her, but just walked off like nothing happened. it was great! this story is completely true too.

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