Sunday, November 27, 2011

what can I say?

no really. what can I say? I was going to write about something. But now I've forgotten. Oh well. Wait Wait Wait! it's coming back to me. Ok got it.

I haven't written in a while. quite a shame. But I haven't been in much of a writing mood/nothing super duper exciting has been going on. So I suppose I will tell some mini stories. Thanksgiving week. Usually a fun week. But this time around it was terribly unexciting. I worked every night during the break except Thursday. Which is good I guess, makin money and all that jazz. which leads to story number one. Wednesday It was kind of slow. So I decided to refill the chalk balls. A few minutes into doing that, I realized how crazy it looked. I was down on the floor behind the desk, with a big black bin, from which I was scooping fine white powder out of a plastic bag with a spoon. And then dumping it in the small empty cloth chalk balls. Nope. Definitely didn't look like I was a drug dealer or anything. At one point this guy was giving me a weird look. I said to him "don't worrry. Just trying to generate some more revenue." fortunately he knew I was joking...I think.
Thanksgiving day itself was nothing exciting. Actually really boring. We got together with pretty much all of our extended family on the Knapp side for food and festivities. A few of my cousins and I went and saw a movie that night. that was pretty much it.
Friday was the best day of the break. I was fortunate enough to be invited to make Toffee with Jess and Genevieve. That was pretty exciting. And kind of messy. The results were tasty, or at least the second batch. Then we played Words of Wiz-Dumb. Quite a fun game, even though I didn't do too great. After a lovely afternoon of partying with them, it was off to work.
This kid name Tyler who volunteers at the Quarry, was telling us horror stories from black Friday. He works at Walmart in Springville. He had to break up 10 fist fights, watched a lady pepper spray some guy over an Xbox, and had to help arrest another customer. Sounded pretty awful to me! Though I kind of really want to go next year. Just to watch the chaos and probably cry a little bit because of how greedy people are.
Saturday I didn't really do anything. went to work again. Holly, Ethan, and Kendall dropped in to say hello. It was fun to see them. too bad I was working so we couldn't do anything though.
so yeah. that was my thanksgiving break. oh wait! I also began applying for colleges. It's really no fun at all filling out all those forms.


  1. Sweetheart, I hate to break it to you, but that was way beyond mania.

  2. yes indeed. If I recall correctly, there were knife wielding maniacs and everything