Saturday, November 12, 2011


And now for the story you've all been waiting for. Drum Roll please. 11/11/11, what a great day! but first let me give a little background story. So Walden decided to throw a Fall Harvest dance party last night. Two weeks ago I was wondering who I should take and if I was even going to go. This monday I decided I would go. But who would I ask? I had a few ladies I was considering. But Tuesday, Dallas told me I should ask Kaitlyn's best friend Maisa. they'd been trying to set me up on a date with her before, but I was always like "yeah but I don't even know her!". Anyways, I looked at Dallas and thought for a minute. He said "After all, She is Brazilian" Which leads to a completely other story which I could probably write a page or two about but won't right now. "When am I supposed to ask her though? I'm busy every day this week. Wait, how bout at lunch?" 30 minutes later, I found myself waltzing in through the doors of Timpanogos high school to ask a girl I had never met before to the dance. Yep, put another check mark on the list of crazy things I've done. She said yes. Skip back to Yesterday. I went to Dallas's house at 5. At 6 we headed over to Kaitlyn's house to pick on the ladies. Truth be told, I was completely nervous on the trip over. Which is strange, Cause I rarely get nervous about anything. In fact, I wasn't even nervous when I asked her to the dance. After waiting for a few minutes, the Ladies came out...and man did they look great! Picture time! then off to dinner at Pier 49. I still have no idea how I didn't choke to death at dinner. It was so funny, we were all cracking jokes and such,I laughed the whole time. Then we ventured up to the dance which was at a barn. The dance was alright. Pretty decent turnout. But it was also kind of boring, so we left early. The 4 of us drove off to Timpanogos highschool to kiss on the T. but Only Kaitlyn and Dallas did. Then we headed to some park. Those two jumped out and ran off kiss some more. Maisa and I stayed in the car just cuddling and talking about all kinds of random getting to know you things. She is quite the crack up. a while later the hooligans returned and we drove off to Walmart. Maisa wanted to get some goldfish. So we ventured around Walmart at midnight. Playing with all kinds of strange toys, holding hands, wreaking havoc, and so forth. She got two goldfish. Cosmo and Wanda, also referred to as Morgan and Maisa. roughly around 1:00 we headed for home. Dallas tucked Kaitlyn in, while Maisa fell asleep on my lap. Then we took her home. Good times! I'm not entirely sure, but I'm pretty sure we planned like two more dates. I made it home at 2:00 a.m. my mom was pretty mad cause apparently she had told me to be home at 12:30...selective hearing, ain't it great? At 4 a.m. I woke up and thought to myself "was that all a dream?! No No No, my dreams are never that good, it must have happened". Anyways, I had a really really great time! Really fun and pretty relaxed evening, and I thoroughly enjoyed Maisa presence. I hope we do something again soon!

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