Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Oh What A Day!

Let me give you an example of what my day to day life is like. Today was crazy. But it was only memorable because the last month or so my average day has been less awesome as it typically is. 

Woke up at 6:00. went to Early Morning Seminary, which was pretty much same as usual. But after, I sat down and was about to work on my Senior paper when Koplin walked up the stairs. He also has a free first period. So we walked down the hallway and found Dylan and Morgan J hanging out. Then decided it would be a good idea to go to Magelby's for some breakfast (or second breakfast in my case). Koplin, Morgan and I snuck out of the school, making sure no one would see us and jumped in Koplin's car. Owens came running out at the last second and jumped in too. We went and got us some tasty foodage. Then headed back to the school with our tasty treats. Ate it in the hallway. Then Dallas and Tyler showed up. We had an interesting conversation about things I'm not going to repeat. Then First period ended. I was going to work on my paper now since I don't have a second period either. But decided to visit Algebra 2 instead. It's a really good class. lot's of fun people in there. Took Josh (the teacher) a while to realize I wasn't actually in the class. But I stuck around and helped tutor them children in math. Holly brought a friend (who between you and me, looks kind of like Selena Gomez) she seemed pretty cool. Then after that class, hung around a minute and ran off to Lunch with Karl. We headed to McDonalds. But we needed onion rings! so we then headed to uhhh some place that slips my mind now. Anyways, we saw the saddest man there. He was taking orders and looked pretty depressed. Felt bad for him. They gave me the biggest onion rings I have ever seen! I seriously could have slipped them over my hand and worn them as bracelets. But they were also 3-4 inches in width! pretty good and super greasy. Then it was back to school and off to AP Calculus. Where my mind was destroyed with crazy derivative business. After that class....I have another free period. So I decided to Stalk Annika who was in the hallway. Jairen stalked me stalking her. It was good times. We followed her around everywhere for nearly 20 minutes. Then decided to leave. That's when we saw Holly. So we stalked her and her friend to Spanish class. Luckily she was the TA. and they were working on projects, so we went outside and did/talked about all kinds of nonsense. I ended up wearing her sweater tied around my neck, and some floppy woman's sun hat. Not a bad look for me I must say. Then we went back into the classroom and talked with a few of the other students of which I won't name cause there were too many. The school was out. Walked around for a bit since I can't leave till my younger siblings get out 15 minutes later. Shook Kaitlyn's hand for roughly 8 minutes straight. The ended up be wrapped and tied up in some obscure banner Owens and Jairen found. Then they dragged me around the hallway and left me for dead in the elevator. El Teacher Carl yelled at me for being there, when he saw owens putting me there. Obviously it wasn't my fault cause I was tied up and helpless! but whatever. After escaping, I went home. Walked inside with Holly's sweater around my neck. My mom said "I don't even want to know". Tried to do my math homework. but the website wouldn't work so I signed up to take the ACT instead. It asked me if I wanted to be a lawn mower operator or a Tree repair man (whatever that is!). It was then dinner time. My sister Sierra was sitting there drinking pickle juice just like it was milk or something. Randomly during the middle of dinner, my 2.5 year old cousin who lives up the street walks right in through our front door. And let me tell you, they keep all the doors and everything locked so he can't escape, but somehow he managed to. All in all, it's been a good day in my book. and soon I'm going to head to a Ski movie at UVU and probably experience some more madness.