Saturday, October 15, 2011

Thursdee Adventures

This last thursday, I had the pleasure of taking a lovely young lady on a date. I don't know how I tricked her into that. but I'm going to briefly summarize how I asked her (cause I think it's a fun story). So a few weeks ago I decided I was going to ask Genevieve on a date. I then proceeded to find a large brown envelope and in it I put a random story that I had written over the summer. Somewhere in the middle of the book, I asked her if she'd go on a date with me. Then at 3:00 a.m. I drove to her house and dropped the package off on the porch. Drove home, went back to bed, woke up four hours later and jumped on a plane to California. Skip ahead to thursday. Picked her up at 5. then we went Mini golfing. It was alright, mostly just fun to hang out with her...I'd forgotten how boring mini golf really is. But oh well. From there we decided to go to a park and kill some time before our next activity. So we played on the swing set and talked about life: past, present, and future. From there we left and drove around a few more minutes before arriving at the Asplund's house. Lara (one of our teachers) had invited us to an experimental music show she and her husband were hosting. It was supper cool. This guy way a percussionist playing all kinds of crazy things. He used violin bows on his cymbals and stuff like that. Really fascinating. After that was over, I took her home. Thus ending my second official date (yes yes, I know I'm a slacker. guess I haven't caught the dating bug yet). It was good  times in my book. Just a nice casual friend date. But the story does not end there! 

As I was nearly home, I ran the second red light in my life. I gauged it wrong and should have stopped, but it turned red right before I was in the intersection. "oh crap I thought, that was pretty darn red" Bet you can't guess where this is going. few seconds later there was a copper on my tail. "oh no!" I thought. So I pulled over. First there is one thing you need to understand: cops don't scare me at all. I know tons of people that turn off the road and such when they even see a cop. But I really could care less about them at all. Just not something I worry about. Also, I'm a super super careful driver. Rarely ever speed or anything. So this was kind of a fluke incident. Anyways, as I was pulled over, I legitimately was sitting in my car laughing. I thought it was funny. not like "oh this really sucks my parents are going to kill me kind of funny" but a "this is honestly funny." Anyways, the cop came over with his nice big handle bar mustache, took my I.D. (that looks nothing like me cause I have no hair anymore) and registration. Blah Blah Blah. anyways, I got a ticket and went home still laughing and told my parents. They didn't really care, but were surprised I had actually run a light. It's weird, but I feel like there is a special reason why I got a ticket. Destiny or something. Who knows, maybe I'll meet my future wife at traffic school or some other crazy thing. Anyways, I have to wait five days then go to the court building to pay the fine or figure out traffic school. I'll more than likely do the second, so I can get it erased from my record. 

Yeah, quite an exciting day. good times.

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