Thursday, December 2, 2010


I've been an optimist for as long as i can remember. not the kind of "glass is half full" optimist, but the "at least I have a glass kind". Not a cheesy optimist, but a realistic one. no matter how hard I try to stay angry or sad or whatever, It never lasts long. even in the most intense situations. such as: thinking I'm going to die while ice climbing, then I think "at least I won't have to hike out of here, or its a cool way to go". I mean I've accepted the fact that I'm going to die sometime so why worry about it? No matter how bad things have ever gotten I always find something to laugh and be optimistic about.


  1. man.. I swear we are the same person, but in two different bodies, with few differences. haha.

  2. well i would hope there would be SOME differences! bahahah(: but think, if you are always 'at least i have a glass' then you have to choose what to fill it with.