Monday, December 6, 2010


I honestly believe I'm cursed. at least as far as my love life goes. just as soon as I decide I don't care about liking anyone, some girl has to come along and catch my eye. But I never manage to make it any farther than flirting. Why?! I usually just get put in the friend category, which isn't bad, but still. Maybe its cause I'm not a douche bag. cause I sure know a lot of douche bags that have girls crawlin' all over them. Another things that usually turns out to cause problems is I'm really open about almost everything. Pretty sure I've told every girl I've liked, that I like them, (except maybe 1 or 2) all throughout my life. Currently I'm in the not caring too much stage. But none the less, I truly am cursed!


  1. no! your not cursed! girls actually like it when you are open about your feelings, about them, about anything.!! and the only fact about the douche bag things because each girl hopes that she is going to stop the douche bag from being a douche bag. so its good that you aren't a douche bag. just be morgan!

  2. I wasn't saying I'm going to change...just that I'm cursed

  3. well i don't think you are cursed. its all gunna be fine(: