Monday, November 1, 2010

some Poetry from the past few months

What have I done?

How did I manage to alienate myself from all that I care about?

What have I done?

To make you so sad

What have I done?

That’s caused you to be so angry with me

What have I done?

I’ve gone and ruined our friendship.

Can You forgive me?

Standing on the edge.

I peer over the side, it’s a long way to the bottom.

I stand there pondering.

Is this the end?

Is this the road to my final destination?

Slowly I begin to shuffle forward.

It feels like years until my toes are hovering over the edge.

I pause.

Then suddenly I run!

I run far away from the cliff.

Today is not my day.

I need to get away from this place!

I need to run away…

To escape the drama,

To escape the people,

To escape the pain.

I need to dissolve into a realm of

Shimmering lakes,

Mossy forests

And snow capped peaks,

Never to return

yeah these are all based on experience