Monday, November 8, 2010


I really hate being interrupted! like sitting here trying to do my homework and someone comes and tells me i need to do something. and usually they could have already done that task in the amount of time it took to come and get me! I mean if i'm in the zone, leave me be! Cause stuff like that just pisses me off! when I start to do something I don't leave it til I'm finished! so I've decided I'm going to move to the alps of Austria or Switzerland, live in a small quiet village. A village where you walk down the street everyday to buy fresh bread and food from the market. In the afternoon I'd roam around the snow capped peaks and crystal blue lakes. I then would return to my collection of musical instruments at my home and spend the remainder of the night expirementing, learning, creating. yep, that would be the life. no one to interrupt me, no rules to follow...just me being me.


  1. I lived in a village like that! So divine.

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