Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What's this? A career?

I've got it figure out. An actor! that's what I'll do with my life! It's perfect. I love dressing up (as I'm sure you've noticed). I absolutely love movies and plays. At least good ones. And I'm fairly decent at doing different voices. Believe it or not, I can also be really serious. Plus with acting I can stay super focused, at least with my theater career so far that's been the case. Don't really get stage fright either! Not to mention that I really enjoy performing. And I'd have way too much fun if I ever got famous. But the problem with acting is that unless you make it fairly big, it's not a very steady or well paying career. Though I like to get risky sometimes, I'm definitely a fan of stability! Especially if I ever end up having a family. I'm not entirely sure yet if I'm that passionate about acting, I've really enjoyed my experiences so far, just not entirely sure yet if I'd actually want to risk it all and attempt a career at acting. Good thing I'm taking an acting class this next semester! Hopefully that will help me figure things out.

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