Sunday, November 18, 2012


"And it came to pass that as my father arose in the morning, and went forth to the tent door, to his great astonishment he beheld upon the ground a round ball of curious workmanship; and it was of brass. And within the ball were two spindles; and the one pointed the way whither we should go into the wilderness." Nephi 16:10

I've always wondered how the Liahona found itself outside Lehi's tent. Maybe it was teleported there, just sort of appeared. Or maybe God dropped it, like you would a marble onto a sandy beach. Or maybe it was delivered by a dark rider under cover of the night. One with a fantastic head dress or turbin, riding a trusty camel. I bet he just snuck right up on their camp and left it by the tent door. Of course he would have tried to ring the doorbell and run away, (like you'd do with a plate of cookies) but doorbells hadn't been invented yet, so he just figured to leave it there. And in the morning when they found the Liahona, if they would have looked up at the ridge in the distance, they'd have seen the dark rider peering back, watching, to make sure his entrusted package was discovered. The golden sun glimmering up behind him, barely peaking over the ridge, trying to catch a glimpse of this curious workmanship for itself. Yeah, that's what I'd like to think.

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