Sunday, November 11, 2012

Things On Me Mind

    Tis been quite the while since I've really written anything on here. And in honesty, I haven't felt like writing at all. But I'm going to now take some time and just talk about a few things on my mind/whats been going on in my life.

   College: college is really not all that hard or terrifying as everyone wants to make it out to be. You just have to get into the swing of things and then it isn't too bad. Unless you have lots of tests and homework due around the same time, that tends to get a bit stressful. The secrets to college life are simply: 1. Have a well organized schedule, balance out school, work, and friends, so you don't go crazy. 2. Find professors you like, cause that really does make or break the class. 3. Don't procrastinate! So far this year, I've gotten almost all of my homework done the week before it is due, which is not always easy, but keeps the stress and frustration levels at non-existant.

    Voting: It was far over rated. To be honest, I don't know if I'll ever vote again. Just because it's pretty much a joke. Stand around in line for potentially an hour or so to check a few boxes on a screen and leave. My biggest qualm with voting though is the Electoral College. There are no laws that say the electoral representative has to vote the way the people did. And in history it has happened where they haven't. But I live in Utah, so no matter what I vote, the state is always going to go Republican. It always has. That's why I think it's a joke. Plus politics turn me off quicker than a light bulb in ice water. I have zero interest or desire to be involved with them in any manner.

    Now for the juicy stuff. Romance: Just as I figured, romance is better after highschool because the principle of "nice guys always finish last" isn't really so applicable. People are more mature and seem to know more of what they're looking for. At least from my observances. Since graduating, I've dated two ladies...both older than me. Neither of the relationships lasted all that long, but those are stories for another day. I don't regret either of them and I learned a lot from the experiences. Well that wasn't as juicy as I thought it would be, so my apologies.

    Time: I always figured adults were just being silly when they talked about time flying. "Before you know it, you'll be all grown up and have kids of your own" and all that jazz. But gosh! Ever since my last semester of Highschool started, life started moving at an exponential rate! It's really terrifying how fast the time really does go by. I'm terrified to go to sleep now, cause the next time I wake up, I could be 80 years old! (okay I'm not really that terrified) I'm down to forty minute days now though. Meaning my days feel about forty minutes long. Not during the day while it's happening, but at the end of every day, it feels like the entire day only lasted that long. Guess them old folks really do know what they're talking about! 

    Anyways, those are a few of the main things that have been floating around my brain and life lately. Also, this winter has already been super's going to be a long one. Though to a degree I kind of like being depressed. I like the raw emotion of it. Hopefully I'll be in more of a writing mood in days to come, cause I have quite a few interesting tales to tell, but we shall have to see.

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