Saturday, June 9, 2012

Strange Occurences

I figured I had better write about my new friend Kirsten. Because, there is somewhat of a strange story involved. I'll start from the beginning.
      Let's see, I do believe it was last summer, my mom came home from girls camp and was telling me all about this amazing girl she had met. At the time, it seemed like my mom was trying to set me up with her or something. And maybe she was. But that's not so important. She added me as a friend on facebook, and we chatted a little bit here and there. About a year later at seminary graduation (so like two weeks ago) I saw her again and talked to her a little bit. After the graduation, I thought to myself "She seems like rather a fun person, I don't really know why, but I would like to become friends". Eventually, I got her number and we texted eachother a bit. Now here's where it gets strange. Both of our favorite colors are Orange, we come from big families, She likes Sushi, Pizza, and Curry, Enjoys hiking, is not very good at sports like myself. Amongst other things, She loves golf and also happens to be allergic to cats! We both think its pretty strange how much we have in common. Oh and she is very much a fan of the 1800's. We decided to hang out and go hiking this last Thursday. It was really fun. She's super easy to get along with, not to mention she has a great sense of humor. I think our brains run on similar wave lengths, cause we seem to agree on most things. At least so far. Anyways, I think this is the beginning of a great friendship.

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