Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Way Life Goes

Things have been strange lately. I have zero desires to be wild. I also don't care about having attention either, which is a big part of why I blog a lot less now. I used to have to brag and tell everyone about everything I was doing, a real attention whore. Ha ha yeah, that's what I was. But these days, I'm happy to roll on the more unnoticed side. I mean heck, I just went to Mexico for a week, and only like 20 people total even knew I went. Think I may be starting to slip back into one of my little anti-social phases. Which I kind of enjoy, I usually just do a lot of art. My creativity levels seem to spike during these anti-social sessions. Another thing is somewhere in the last month or so I've gained great amounts of self discipline. For the past few weeks, I've written in a journal every day (among other self disciplinary things). That's something I've always had problems with being able to do. And homework, I've been cranking it out like crazy. Which leads to another thing. Timing. Timing has been wild for me lately, all my plans have been working out (knocks on wood). First there was the School play. That ended just in time so that I could make my poster for the Senior Luncheon and then run off to Mexico. I got back from Mexico the night before the Senior Luncheon. I then had a day to finish all of my Finals for classes. This Saturday I'm going to the Provo Temple ground breaking, and that night seeing Social Distortion. The 18th is Graduation, the 20th is Seminary Graduation, and the 21st I leave for Seattle on a school trip. So I've been able to do everything without having to choose priorities. Another thing is, I've been super relaxed. Haven't really been stressed out in the last few months. I'm just kind of doing my own thing these days. Not worrying about what others think, and not getting involved in too much drama. The only thing is: I just need to figure out what I'm going to do all summer.

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