Monday, April 2, 2012

General Conference

Earlier this past week, like Monday or Tuesday, I was told that my grandpa had three tickets to conference. So Mckinley, my Mom and myself went to the Saturday evening session. We got there a bit early, so we could get seats and all that. Parked the car, and started walking. There were so many people going to it! It was like a huge mob. Thousands of people walking up and down the streets in their sunday finest. It was really a super cool thing to see. I personally like big crowds of people, they don't freak me out at all. But this crowd was particularly nice. There was a general excitement in the air. And I mean, there should be! We were all going to hear the Prophets, Apostles, and other Authorities of the church. Kind of a big deal. So we got to the door we were supposed to wait at, stood there for a minute and then they started letting us in. The process was super easy, and all of the volunteers were really nice. The moment I walked in the actual Conference room doors, I was blown away! That place is freaking huge! There were so many people there. And the Choir! oh my gosh. The choir for that session was from the MTC. They sounded amazing, and the acoustics in there are marvelous. I've never really cared much for choirs, to be honest. But that changed my whole perspective. One of the coolest things about the experience though was when the First Presidency came in, everyone stood up, and the whole place went silent. Then the session began and we got to do the sustainings, which was also pretty neat. I'm going to have to say though, that my favorite part was when the choir and congregation all stood up and sang "Called To Serve" together. That was definitely a highlight of my life. Eventually, the session was winding down, and I was sitting there thinking "I hope they sing "Praise To The Man" and what do ya know? that was the closing hymn! I was so excited about that! Cause it's one of my very favorites. After The session was over, we headed over to the City Creek mall, along with 10 bijillion other people for dinner. We ended up going to Kneaders. Man, all the restaurants there had to have made so much money during conference! Every restaurant had a line of at least 40-50 people. We had to eat super quick, I actually ate walking back over to the Conference center, since I was going to the Priesthood session with my Grandpa Lyon, and Uncle Greg there. 
      So many men in suits! It looked like a giant mob. If you were a foreigner, and happened to be visiting Salt lake during that time, you'd probably be freaked out, and terribly confused. I kept looking around, trying to find other guys wearing bow ties. But I only ever found three other people wearing one. Apparently bow ties aren't that popular at conference. I never did see anyone else wearing a Tux either. So I kind of stuck out a little. Got a few comments about it too. Anyways, The Priesthood session was pretty neat too. Heard lot's of good stuff I need to work on. 
     Over all, It was a really cool experience. I'm glad I got to go. It was my first time ever attending Conference in person too. And hopefully not my last!

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