Monday, March 5, 2012

All of the confusion (all of it)

Girls. Man why do they have to be so confusing?! It really doesn't help that I'm also not all that great at picking up on romantic cues. Yeah you pretty much just have to come out and tell it straight to my face. Cause I'm that bad...though maybe getting better? probably not. Ughh, I also have this other problem from time to time where I, for some reason, can't seem to flirt with whatever girl I'm interested in. And somehow the girls I'm not interested in think I'm flirting with them. Pretty much the worst thing ever? YES! It's really maddening. I just don't even know what to do. Girls, they're so confusing!

Also, somewhat related. Cashiers. They are always flirting with me. I don't understand it! I've been conducting a scientific experiment lately. Observing how they act with other costumers, then seeing how they interact with me. Yeah, They don't just flirt with everyone. I mean, it doesn't happen every time I go to a store, but it happens a lot more than I feel like it should. I've even been hit on by Male cashiers. It's true, just ask Jairen. 

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