Thursday, March 28, 2013

She walks in velvet...

She walks in velvet...

okay okay this post isn't going to be a sappy love poem. I don't think it's even going to be about love, or  even poetry. Though now that I think about it, I really want some velvet pants. Maybe in navy blue, or perhaps maroon. Actually both! If anyone knows where to get some let me know.

Anyways, this is a tale about a girl (still not a love story). A girl with radiant hair. A girl whom I've spoken no more than ten words to. Yet somehow we have an understanding. Our thrice weekly wave and smile passing in the hallway speaks volumes; usually a cherished part of the day for me. Just a familiar face of a woman I know so little about. Sort of a candle light in the crushing darkness of school pressure moment. I've no idea if she even knows my name. And some days, I wish I didn't know hers, just because it would be more interesting, more mysterious. It just makes me happy waving to her in the halls. Apparently happy enough that she has started showing up in occasional dreams. Even more peculiarly, she's often a main character in them. Just one of the gang, someone I've known forever in the dream. I think I'd like to actually meet her someday. Have a conversation, go on an adventure or something to that extent. But I suppose we'll see.

Don't really know why I shared that story, guess I'm just saying that the little things in life really are what make it beautiful. And also that I'm back and going to start writing on my blog again, so stay tuned.

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